Product Guide

Templates / Projects

All templates should use the least number of plugins possible. If you are using plugins, we suggest preparing a version with midi and bounced audio without any plugins. This will greatly enhance the revenue possibilities.

- Music Templates & Projects: Upload a finished piece, 1 to 10 min long. 

- Beats & Arrangements Templates: Only Drums and FX/ Hits, with all the arrangements of a normal song, strictly no synths or plugins. 

- FX Templates & Projects: Create a template with different synth channels or audio with automation that creates customizable sound design pieces. Here is a good example:

- Mastering, Engineering & Live Performance Templates & Projects: Many of us have developed quality mastering templates. You can upload these with a guide on how to use them. 

- Bundles: Package together templates & projects. Ensure you include all the plugins used when uploading. We recommend creating a demo featuring all the projects included in the bundle. 



Upload Audio STEMS that can esily be remixed and used in commercial media projects (Commerical License is 5 x the base price you set for the item). NI Traktor STEMS are growing in popularity, expand your product range releasing STEMS from back catalog.

- WAV STEMS: These should be in full length format in 24 Bits and at least 41000KHZ. It is recommended to also add MIDI files and Soundbanks into separate folders. 

- NI Traktor STEMS: You can create and upload STEMS for DJ / Live Performance using the Native Instrument STEMS creator tool: 

- Bundles: Package together STEMS. Ensure you include all the plugins used when uploading. We recommend creating a demo featuring all the projects included in the bundle. 


Upload sample packs, construction kits, presets, MIDI packs, A Capellas, bundles and set the price you want to sell the items you provide. 

- Sample Packs / Construction Kits: Create and upload sample packs and construction kits featuring MIDI, Loops, Hits and Presets. 

- Sound Banks / Presets: Create presets for popular synths, craft a killer demo and inspire others. Have a look here:

- MIDI Packs: Put together your best melodies and create a pack featuring MIDI files. We recommend including separate files for all instruments. 

- A- Capellas: If you are a singer you can record and sell A- Capellas covers of popular songs, or upload original compositions. If it is your original composition, you will preserve all of the composer rights. 

- Bundles: Create super packs with many sample packs. Ensure you include all the plugins used when uploading. We recommend creating a demo featuring all the projects included. 


We provide royalty free music masters to creators around the world looking for an uncomplicated open license. In our music section you can upload Master files to be licensed for a flat fee. Of course you will preserve all of the publishing and composition rights to the pieces. 

- Music Masters: Upload music masters in regular or high resolution, we suggest uploading the high resolution Masters to the Master section and the regular resolution master to the ZIP File (high resolution will only be available upon Commercial License Purchase). 

         - Bundles: Create bundles with your tracks and set the price you want the item to sell. We recommend creating a demo featuring all the        songs. 


Exclusive Full Licenses

Upload unreleased projects that will be sold only once to a single buyer. The buyer will own 100% of the rights to the piece and you are not entitled to claim any other royalties than the amount paid for the product. 

The package must include:

Complete project files with frozen audio channels. 

Mastered + Unmastered audio Files (High Resolution)

Complete Audio STEMS (Optional)


Preparing your project to sell:

      Main Guidelines **IMPORTANT**:

Templates should be between 1:00 - 10:00 minutes in length and use native plugins to the DAW. When using other tools like popular VSTs such as Sylenth 1 and Massive, understand that it may limit the interest from buyers who do not have those installed. The less external FX channels you use, the wider the reach your product covers.

All projects and templates must be no more than 2000MB and should be free of copyrighted material, Audio and MIDI. Average Zip files size should be from 1MB to 200MB.

      All genres have a market. If you want to know what kind of templates to produce, consider the following:

- what genre do you have experience with and enjoy making

- what is currently popular according to Beatport charts and industry trends

- how many templates already exist in the category you are choosing and how will your product distinguish itself

With respect to styles of music, the possibilities are infinite. Producers are mixing and matching new genres together every day - some catch on big like Avicii’s adoption of country vocals, others not as much. It’s important to put it out there and let the market dictate these trends. This is the democratization of sound in action.There is no ceiling for the creativity of our community.


      Best Practice:

- Keep the external plugins to a minimum.
- If using some external/esoteric plugin, bounce the audio and leave the MIDI.
- Use automations and create as much as you can from scratch.
- Royalty free vocals are allowed.
- Covers of popular tracks are allowed (please do not include vocals ie copyrighted material).
- Add a limiter to your main-out to have loudness in the demo.
- It is not recommended to master the demo. We’re not about faking it here.
- Engineering templates like DJ set preparations or mix templates are welcome and encouraged.
- Prepare a good screenshot video of your project and upload it to YouTube before uploading the project. Including an NFO file is recommended.


      Ableton Templates Guideline:

The most important thing is to do a collect and save before uploading a project, details can be found here:


      Logic Pro Templates Guideline:

When saving the project, make sure you save as and check all the boxes so the media included in your project will be saved to the folder, more details here:


      Cubase Templates Guideline:

We recommend saving your project with the backup mode. For this you will need to prepare an empty folder to save your project.


      FL Studio Templates Guideline:

Backing up project in FL Studio is pretty straight forward - here is a great video about this:

      Product Description:

Include a complete project description. If your first language is not English, you can prepare your text in your primary language and use google translate


      Templates Specs:

Specifications are needed - include the number of channels in the project. The more information you include in this section, the more value you add to the product. Include separate soundbanks in the project folder.

      Preparing files for upload

Always create a folder and add your files to it before compressing in ZIP format. Add any instructions you like in text or PDF format. 

Create a folder and name it properly, example: Logic Pro X Template - Illusions By Mikas

        ONLY ZIP FILES ARE ALLOWED. All other formats will be deleted immediately.


     Follow the same logic for other products.

     Upload now!