Welcome to the luminous streets of the synthesizer city with our latest soundbank pack titled 'Serum Presets: Cyber Night vol.1'. This collection features breathtaking sounds that will transport you into the magical world of retro-futuristic melodies and synthesizer tales. 60 TOTAL PRESETS

12 BASS PRESETS:  basslines that will shake your music with solid foundations, providing powerful sound and unforgettable auditory experiences. From dark, deep tones to lightning-fast dynamic lines, these bass sounds are the key to creating a mesmerizing atmosphere.

15 KEYS PRESETS: keyboard presets that will take you on a journey through mysterious landscapes of retro-futuristic melodies. Their emotional potential and rich harmonies will add unique character and depth to your music.

15 PAD PRESETS: pads that will fill the space with sound, creating hypnotic layers and providing the unique atmosphere of the cybernetic night. From subtle, whistling tones to dark, swirling sequences, these pads will add extraordinary depth and dynamism to your music.

18 SYNTH PRESETS: synthesizer presets for the Serum plugin, specially designed in the style of cybernetic synthwave. From glowing, futuristic tones to nostalgic, retro sequences, these sounds will breathe life into your music, transporting it into the magical world of the cybernetic night.

"Serum Presets: Cyber Night vol.1" is an indispensable tool for any creator looking to explore new sounds and create music full of energy and emotion, inspired by the aesthetics of retro-futuristic cybernetic night.