Referral Program

Refer Customers:

Get 15% of every sale you refer by promoting our sites. 

Refer creators:

Get $5 every time a creator uploads a product. Get creators to sign up and upload content and we will automatically pay you up to $50 per creator.

How do you get started?

Sign up below and become part of our referral crew. Create personalised links to any page, get access to banners for your blog or website, create a custom link to represent your brand. 


Tracking and Collection:

  1. Trusted technology so that every detail is tracked.

  2. Real-time balance in your account from anywhere.

  3. Monitor how many people follow your links and from where.

  4. View the profie of any creator you referred and the products they uploaded. 

  5. Request payment once you have a balance of $50. 

  6. Get paid via Paypal or Bank Transfer.